Substance Use Disorders and Impacts on Health

Health care providers are key partners in the family recovery process. Pediatricians, family doctors, internists, nurses, ob/gyns, midwives, hospital social workers... and many other health care professionals are often the first ones who may be able to identify a parent or caregiver struggling with drugs, alcohol, or prescription pill use. The Family Recovery Project aims to help all health care professionals better understand the process of screening, engagement, referrals to treatment, assessment, and the treatment process itself (at various levels of care) for parents struggling with substance abuse. We are also committed to helping health care professionals better understand medication assisted treatment, particularly for pregnant and postpartum women, and how to help care for substance-exposed newborns within the context of family recovery.

We have compiled resource lists for needs such as: substance abuse and mental health treatment, parenting support, children's services, self help and peer support, basic needs and domestic violence, by region. Choose your region to get started!
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