Getting the Help You Need:

If you are struggling with drug or alcohol use, THERE IS HOPE!

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"Recovery means learning to find out who I am and what I'm capable of. Every day is still recovering; I'm recovering what I lost; what things I haven't had. FRP changed my whole approach to staying clean."- FRP parent alum


People often feel afraid or ashamed to admit they may have a problem, especially when they are caring for others. But admitting you need help can change your life - and help keep your family together in a safe home. You and your family deserve a better life.

Steps on the Road to Recovery:

1. Figure out if you have a problem with drugs or alcohol.

    • Are you using drugs, alcohol, or prescription medications?
    • Is your use affecting your family?
    • Is it keeping you from being the parent you want to be?

    Take this to find out if you should consider speaking with a professional.

    2. Get the help you need. Support is available!

    • There is always hope. Recovery from drug and alcohol abuse is a hard road, but worth every step.
    • Treatment is key to recovery. It offers you a safe place to share your life story, and to get the help you need to be healthy.
    • Help can come from many places:  alcohol and drug treatment programs, AA and NA meetings, early intervention services, DCF, and more.
    • Getting help can connect you with other services you may need, such as: Parenting Classes, GED Classes, Job Training, Housing, Family Counseling, Life Skills Training, Child Care and Early Education.

    3. If you are already involved with DCF:

    • You may be eligible to receive free, home-based treatment and support through The Family Recovery Project (if you live in Hampden County or Southeast MA). Speak with your DCF worker about this option.
    • Talk honestly with your DCF worker and treatment provider about your recovery process. They need to know what's really going on in order to provide the best support for you and your family.
    • Let your treatment provider know if you are involved with DCF, have children living in foster care or with another relative. If you want to keep your family together, there is hope.

Click here for Southeast MA resources for families.

Click here for Western MA (Hampden County) resources for families.

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